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PEaaS in Press

PEaaS or Product Engineering-as-a-Service pioneers a new model of empathy driven user-centric software product development in Vadodara, Gujarat

India has been a global destination of choice for the past several decades for IT services, but is not synonymous with product development. PEaaS, a two and half year old company in Vadodara, Gujarat, is on a mission to change that perception.

PEaaS is an enthusiastic team of 50+ young and unprejudiced minds, led by serial entrepreneurs Mehul Desai and Vimarsh P Vasavada. PEaaS is unique in that while it provides professional services in the realm of software product development, it is focused on consciously building a culture of creativity, empowerment, ownership, efficiency and empathy.

PEaaS supports customers from around the world, including the US, Canada, Japan, UAE, Singapore, and far flung Bolivia, in their entire software product engineering needs, starting with helping them file patents, leading to design, architecture, development and hosting. Where PEaaS is different is that along with focusing on the software product development aspects, it is equally committed to building the human capacity or Pods for its customers, inculcating its unique empathy driven user-centric product development culture.

Mehul Desai, Chairman and Co-founder of PEaaS who was Co-founder of C-SAM that was acquired by MasterCard in 2014 said, “We have been relentless in our belief and pursuit for now almost two decades to show the world that Indian youth can truly create world class software products, and while C-SAM put Vadodara’s IT capabilities on the global map, now PEaaS continues to build upon the same albeit thru a different model. PEaaS embodies all our learnings over the past 25+ years of unique intellectual property driven software product development and global deployments. PEaaS’ vision is to share those learnings with fellow software product developers worldwide, empowering them to blaze their own trail, and simultaneously bring back the Indian spirit of creativity to the field of software product engineering.”

Vimarsh P Vasavada, PEaaS CEO and Co-founder, said “At PEaaS we focus on the end versus the means and we are building a culture of "Ownership + Empowerment" specifically in the context of software product development. Young talent from local Gujarat colleges, specifically in and around Vadodara, has been involved in leading edge software product development work building excellence in areas such as Big Data, AI/ML, DLT and Blockchain, Cryptography and Encryption, applying them across varied industries such as New Media, Conversational Commerce, FinTech, and ICT.

Swati Ojha, PEaaS Head of Culture, said “In addition to our customers, our responsibility towards society and the environment has always been – and continues to be – at the heart of everything we do at PEaaS. While our business objectives are driven by delivering world class software products for our customers, our larger focus is on building a unique empathy oriented culture, which enable our Pods to deliver better products and more importantly become better citizens in society. We take our corporate responsibility seriously and have integrated CSR activities into our culture. PEaaS is supporting PRERNA - Asia's Largest Differently Abled Event. PRERNA, is a Nationally recognized Social Event and Asia's Largest Differently Abled's Fest organized by the Engineering students of Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.”

PEaaS team is incubating and driving IP, technology, product engineering and development for companies across the world, from early stage startups to large global financial services providers. PEaaS has been in operations for over two years, and continues to scale aggressively both in terms of customers and people, as well as, technology domains and skillsets.

PEaaS has a unique model, focused on building people and products - supporting the complete engineering lifecycle from IP to development to hosting for its global customers - with focus on building a unique culture centered around inculcating creativity, empowerment, ownership, efficiency and empathy.


Entrepreneurship to Innovation to Services

The year was 1998. After a couple false starts mobile telephony was poised to takeoff. Everyone started to talk about a billion mobile phones. C-SAM, which dreamt of a billion mobile wallets, was born in Chicago. C-SAM set out to build an all software infrastructure platform to aggregate all the disparate domains required for fulfilling highly secure transactions – seamlessly across the real and virtual worlds. What appeared to many as over engineering in the late 90’s turned out to be a critical component for mobile wallets a decade later – C-SAM was acquired by MasterCard Worldwide in 2014.

Over the past couple years practically every IP-driven software product company that we have been associated with – from New York to Abu Dhabi to Mumbai to Tokyo to Sydney – wanted to know how we built a marquee software product development group in Baroda. As some of this curiosity started to turn into a sincere request for support, we decided to setup PEaaS.

PEaaS embodies all our learnings over the past 25+ years of unique intellectual property driven software product development and global deployments, further strengthening the good and discarding the bad. PEaaS vision is to share those learnings with fellow software product developers worldwide, empowering them to blaze their own trail and fulfill their vision.


Enable customers to build marquee software products and captive development teams, retaining critical intellectual property in the form of patents, products, and people;
Leverage PEaaS deep product engineering experience, resource optimization, and managed migration to incubator style shared workspace;
Build an innovation and product-centric culture focused on achieving the customer’s overall business goals.


Startups to Fortune 500 Compnies building unique IP based products and offerings for local as well as global markets


Conventional outsourcing of software development - products or services - results in loss of enterprise IP, where the (relative) advantage of resource optimization is dwarfed by significant reduction in overall enterprise value and erosion of competitive advantage; the only solution is PEaaS unique captive team development model and the managed migration to PEaaS`


Highly differentiated professional services for building captive software development and deployment teams, supported by unique set of methodologies and world-class infrastructure, delivered by experienced team of executives and professionals with proven track record of IP led software product development and global deployments